Dealer Clock Bezel


This is the outer case of your clock. They are constructed with stainless steel to produce an unmatched quality finish.

Dealer Clock Dial


This is the "face" of your clock. It is where all the fun stuff is mounted to make your clock...well, a clock.

Dealer Clock Hands


This is pretty self-explanatory. The hands on your clock tell the time and are lumed to allow you to see them at night.

Dealer Clock Markers


Markers are the little inserts that usually mark the hourly point on your clock, and are lumed to provide a stunning display at night.

Dealer Clock Subdials


Subdials are miniature dials on you clock which provide a variety of functions on their watch counterparts.

Dealer Clock Date


Some models come with a date window, which offer the luxury of telling the date along with the time.

Dealer Clock Movement


This is the heart of your clock. Our clocks are fitted with precise sweeping movements, meaning that they sweep instead of tick.

The Dealer Clocks Guide

The Clock Guide

New to clocks? The Dealer Clocks Clock Guide will bring you up to speed. Let's get started!

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