FAQs and Guides

FAQs and Guides

Welcome to the Dealer Clocks Help Page.

Here you will find a list of commonly-asked questions, along with an extensive and comprehensive guide
for working on your dealer clocks to make the experience as fuss-free as possible.

These are some questions many of you have asked us, so we're listing them here. Should you still have any questions, do not hesitate to drop us an email at dealerclocks@gmail.com. We're all ears!

What in the world is a bezel?
New to clock/watch terms? Fret not, our Dealer Clocks Clock Guide will bring you up to speed.

Do you ship to....
Yes we do. We ship internationally, to most places on Earth, so unless you stay in Antartica, you can probably be a proud owner of a dealer clock. If we can't ship to your country for some reason, we'll let you know.

What are your clocks made of? How big are they? Do they tick?
Most of our clocks are built with stainless steel, a glass window and a quality sweeping movement, meaning yes, they sweep like a mechanical watch. Should there be any variations, they are all listed in the product descriptions. We have tried to be as concise as we could writing them, so 99% of what you are asking can probably be found there. Then again, if you did not find what you were looking for, feel free to email us.

What batteries do they run on?
Most of the clocks we carry are powered by a single AA battery. Some clocks with more complex movements might require more. And strange as it might sound, please only install CHEAP batteries in the clocks. We have had customers who installed Energizer Lithium-ion batteries, and the clocks did not keep time properly. I mean, come on, it's a clock. Not a high-powered shaver or something. A normal one dollar battery will keep your clock running for a year or so.

Are the photos on your site photos of the actual product?
Yes, and we are very proud of them. Every single photo you see on this site is taken meticulously and watermarked by our staff, for you to see every single detail and drool before you even buy the clock/watch. Our recent watch photos also feature a small DC emblem placed on the watch, so you can be convinced that yes, these awesome-looking watches are what you're really going to receive.

What happens if my clock/watch arrives damaged?
You have 14 days from the point your package arrives to tell us if there is a fault with your product. If we do not hear of any complaints within this timeframe it is acknowledged by you that we have taken this to mean that you are happy with your order and there are no issues to resolve.

Do you offer a warranty on your products?
We offer a 1 year warranty on all clocks and watches. We will bear the cost of reshipping the order, but the customer is liable for the cost of return shipping.

Do your watches come with boxes?
No they do not, we do that to keep prices low and you happy. Boxes add to the cost and shipping prices of the watches, which most customers do not want, but if you do find yourself hankering for a box, do let us know as we can offer them for sale as well.

There is a watch I'm looking for, but it's not on your website.
Please contact us with the link of the watch you want. When sending us a link, please send us a link from a replica watch site so that we will know whether if it has already been replicated.

Setting the time and date is a really simple process that shouldn't take you more than a minute. Here's how to get started.

For models with date function

1. Change the date to a day BEFORE today's date by spinning the white date wheel behind your clock, i.e. if the date is the 22th, set the date to the 21st.

2. Use the red knob on the back of your clock to start advancing the time. Keep advancing until the date changes to today's date as the time hits 12.00am. If the date doesn't change, continue advancing it another 12 hours.

3. The time is now at 12.00am on the date you desire. You can continue to advance the clock to the correct time by spinning the red knob. Tip: Remember that if the time is currently in p.m., you will have to advance the clock a full 12 hours before setting the time, or your next date change will not be accurate.

For models without a date function

1. Your clock is simple enough to set. Just spin the red knob at the back of the clock to the desired time and you're done!

Disassembling your dealer clock is a really simple task, just be gentle and be sure to have clean hands before starting work!

1. Find a soft cloth to lay your precious clock upon so you do not accidentally scratch it while working. Remove the battery before starting work.

2. Remove the screws attaching the back cover to the clock with a phillips head  screwdriver.

3. Remove the back cover and set it aside.

4. There will be 4 - 6 retaining clips holding the dial to the bezel. Remove them by gently pressing down on them.

5. The dial mechanism should now be easily removable. Simply lift it up and flip it around to start work!
Tip: The glass is now loose, so be careful not to break it!

We're done, what's next?

You can now start work on whatever you wish on the dial, just remember to keep your hands clean to prevent any staining.

Should you need to remove the movement, check out Advanced Disassembly/reassembly

Remember that you will need to reset your clock if you are doing any work on the hands

Once you're done, go to Reassembling Your Dealer Clock and you're done!

Should you need to replace the clock movement or parts of the movement, this section will guide you on disassembling your clock even further.

1. The first step is to remove the needles. Using a fork will allow you to apply equal pressure on both sides of the hand, and prevent the hands from bending at the sides, so use one!
Tip: If the hand is stubborn, rock the fork back and forth gently instead of pulling up with force. Remember the key is to be GENTLE.

2. Should your fork not be able to remove the hour hand because it cannot fit, you can also use your fingers and gently apply force upwards.
Tip: Try to apply pressure as close to the center of the hand as possible, to prevent bending the hands.

3. Once the hands are removed, you should see a 13mm nut. Use your tool of choice to remove it.
Tip: We recommend an adjustable spanner.
We do NOT recommend a pneumatic drill.

4. The movement will now easily slide out. This may just be a small movement or one with a date disc depending on your clock's function.

5. You're done! Replace/modify what you need and you can begin the reassembly process.
The guys at the DealerClocks.Co office have stuck a little "PAY DAY" sticker over the 20th of our office clock, the sneaky b******s.


1. The first step is to ensure your movement is aligned with the 12 o'clock position before tightening the 13mm nut.Tip: To make things easier, tighten the nut half-tight, check the alignment, and then tighten it all the way. The nut does NOT need to be torqued down very tight. It's a clock, not a car engine.

2. Replace the hands. Press down gently with your fingernails, and try to apply pressure as close to the center of the hands at possible.Tip: Try to install the hands pointing at the 12 o'clock position, this will make resetting your clock easier.

3. Replacing the second hand is easy, just push down gently on the top. You're done!
Head to the Resetting Your Clock section before reassembly.

Your clock has travelled a long way to find its way to your home, and sometimes in the process its hands get misaligned/loose.This guide will bring you through how to repair hands that have been damaged during shipping, saving you time and money. Before you read this guide, make sure you have read the first section on how to disassemble your dealer clock.

1. Align all the hands of your clock together, and they should look like this: parellel to each other with enough space between them.

2. If you notice any of the hands touching each other as shown below, you have found the cause of your clock stopping/not keeping time.

3. The first step is to make sure the hands are tightly attached to the center pin by pressing down gently on the attachment point. Tip: Press down with equal pressure with both hands, and be gentle! The hands are really light and fragile to keep them running smoothly, so please control that super strength of yours.

4. Once you're sure the hands are nice and secure, if you still do notice the hands touching each other, gently bend them to straighten them out. Tip: Once again, remember to be gentle and use equal pressure on both sides to ensure the hands do not twist. Slow, steady and gentle is the key to this!

5. That's it, you're done! Move the hands through a full cycle to make sure they do not touch each other at any point. The next section will teach you how to do a quick reset of your clock to make sure it is working as it should.

Every clock that leaves our factory is aligned and tested to make sure that they are ready to use straight out of the box. However, should the hands have come loose during shipping, or had you done any repair works to your clock, you may find that:

1. The hour hand is not pointing directly at the hour markers when the minute hand is at 12.

2. The date does not change exactly at 12 midnight.

This quick guide will help you realign the hands and date in a matter of seconds. Unless you're David Blaine, do note your clock needs to be disassembled before proceeding.

For clocks with date function

Skip steps 1 and 2 if your clock does not have a date function

1. Adjust the time on your clock in a clockwise direction until you notice the date starting to change. Once the date 'pops' into the next day, stop adjusting immediately.

2. As you can see in the example below, the date 'popped' into position at 11.48pm, which is not what we want.

3. To adjust the hands simply use your fingers to hold the hands and pinch them so that they all meet at the 12 o'clock position.

4. This is what it should look like. All hands pointing directly at 12.

5. As a precaution, gently push down on center of the hands with EQUAL and GENTLE pressure to ensure they are snug and tight. You don't need a lot of force, the key is to be gentle!

6. That's it, you're done! You can start reassembling your clock by clicking on the next section of this guide

Now that you have done what you needed to do, let's start assembling the clock.

1. Clean the dial and inside surface of the glass using a clean microfibre cloth. Be careful not to bend the hands. Should there be any hard to remove stains/fingerprints, use an alcohol wipe or a tiny drop of dishwashing liquid.

2. Replace the glass onto the dial, ensuring it sits within the designed groove.

3. Replace the bezel onto the dial mechanism.

4. Before you flip the clock over, ensure that the bezel is properly aligned. For most clocks, the easiest way is to compare the 12 o'clock markers.

5. Holding the bezel and dial together to make sure the alignment does not change, flip the clock over.

6. Replace the clips, ensuring they are evenly spaced apart. Tip: Replace 2 clips first, and double check the alignment of the dial and bezel. This way, even if the alignment is off, you can adjust it slightly before fixing the last 2 clips.

7. Replace the back cover and screws and you're done! Tip: Ensure the hole for hanging your clock is in the correct position.

That's it! Hang your clock up, open a cold beer and admire your dealer clock. Take a picture for our Customer's Gallery while you're at it!

Should this guide not cover any issues you might have with your clock,
drop us an email at dealerclocks.dc@gmail.com or talk to us here.


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