Payment methods

The following payment methods are accepted here at Dealer Clocks

Bank Transfer and Western Union

Western Union and Bank Wire

Upon checkout, we will send you an email within 12 hours containing the details you will require for payment via Western Union or bank wire transfer.

PayPal Credit Card

PayPal / Credit Card

Upon checkout completion, we will send you an email containing the details you will require for payment via PayPal. Credit card payments will also be processed via PayPal.

Please note that all prices listed on this site are in USD.

The Dealer Clocks order process

Your order is being processed.

1. Order processing

Your order is being retrieved from the warehouse and sent to our sales team to have their photo taken. They are also being checked for defects and are tested on a timegrapher to ensure they are working great.

Your orders photos are mailed to you.

2. Payment

Once that is done, an email containing a photo of the exact stuff you are about to receive will be sent to you, along with a payment request to complete.

And we are on the way

3. Shipping

Once your payment has been received, your order will be packed and shipped, and a tracking number will be sent to you so you will always know where your goodies are.

What's with the strange order process?

Due to the nature of our products, managing our payments this way allows us to keep the angry trademark infringement people from getting to us, which allows us to keep operating and selling you awesome products with minimal risk.

Have a question about our payment system? Feel free to drop us an email at or talk to us here


Wait up!

Our website address may not be the same the next time you try to find us.

So if you can't decide yet, leave us your email, and we'll keep you updated on any changes, so you will always be able to shop with us.